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Sonal Tandale is a long-time advocate of quality education for our young people, and she has witnessed first-hand the power of education to change lives. Growing up in India, her parents encouraged her to work hard in school as a means of getting ahead in life. She received a master’s degree in physics before immigrating to the U.S., where she earned her MBA. Sonal understands the challenges facing today’s students, along with the importance of strong advocacy for education.

Sonal’s Background

Sonal is a devoted daughter, wife, and mother who wants her daughter to grow up as a productive, God-fearing citizen, with a healthy sense of self-esteem and strong ethical values.

Since moving to Coppell with her family in 2017, Sonal has been an active member of the community and a strong supporter of the public school system. She is a member of the Rejoice Lutheran Church and also The Light House Church, both in Coppell.

Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and volunteering in the community. She loves to cook, and baking is her specialty.


My Beliefs

1. I believe that the educational journey should be both enjoyable and productive. We are all unique, with our own special gifts, and there is no such thing as a “perfect person.”

2. I value working at the grassroots level with parents and teachers for the benefit of our schools and the community overall

3. I am passionate about the issues that impact our schools and community and am ready to roll up my sleeves and do the hard work of gaining consensus on issues. Not a “rubber stamp” for the School Trustee Board.

4. I believe in transparency. Every student has the right to know where they stand, and I believe that this idea should be practiced at the CISD, too.

5. I believe in fiscal responsibility. The CISD has a $7 million deficit, and I believe that we need to address the situation and take steps to become better prepared for “rainy day” scenarios.

6. I am pro-teacher and pro-education, and I support diversity in all areas of leadership at the CISD.

7. I believe in women’s empowerment. In contesting this election, I seek to become a beacon of hope for the women in our community.

Important Dates

Last Day to Register to Vote -Thursday April 1
Early Voting Starts- Monday , April 19
Early Voting Ends – Tuesday ,April 27
Election Day – Saturday May 1

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“Sonal is an excellent leader with good skills and knowledge of servant leadership, facilitation, situational awareness. She believes in having transparency in all her endeavors. She will be an asset to the places she goes to. I wish her all the best for the upcoming Coppell ISD board Trustee Election.”



“Sonal will be a big advantage to Coppell ISD. She is passionate about education and giving back to the community and wants to help further the education system. She will provide a vibrant and contemporary atmosphere through her skillset, education, that will inspire women and enhance our student’s life. I know her from Church and her Faith will keep her grounded. My best always to her. May God guide her path.”



Take part in the building of a brighter future